Where will I sleep?

Each school group will be assigned one private teacher apartment, which includes a bathroom, shower, kitchenette with a small refrigerator, loft area, and small living space with a futon.  Each apartment can comfortably sleep up to three adults.


Where will the students sleep?

Our site at Camp Ocean Pines has ten straw-bale construction cabins named for different scientists, artists, and environmentalists and painted with beautiful murals.  Each cabin sleeps ten people, is equipped with a heater, and includes both an indoor bathroom and indoor shower.  You will be assigned a set number of cabins based on the number of students on your contract and will be responsible for providing at least one parent chaperone for each cabin.  The total capacity in the cabins is 98 people (including chaperones.)


Do you provide linens?

We do not provide linens.  Each student will need to bring a pillow and sleeping bag.


What type of meals are provided?

Our chef plans out balanced and nutritious kid-friendly meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Guests consistently rave about our food.  Just check out our Yelp reviews!


Do you serve vegetarian or vegan options?

We ask that teachers notify us of any vegetarians in your group at least two weeks prior to the start of your program.  This allows the kitchen to plan out vegetarian options for these individuals.  We are not able to accommodate vegan diets but encourage vegans to bring their own supplemental food.


Are you able to accommodate food allergies?

We are happy to accommodate medical food allergies as long as we are notified at least two weeks in advance.  This information should be collected by the lead teacher and passed along to us.


Do you have a nurse onsite?

We do not employ a nurse during the school year.  All of our staff members are First Aid/CPR certified and camp is kept fully stocked with general first aid equipment (band-aids, alcohol wipes, anti-bacterial ointment, gauze, etc.)  We are happy to provide first-aid for general cuts, scrapes, and bruises but any medical treatment beyond that, including the handing out of prescription and over-the-counter medications, is the responsibility of the lead teacher.


Can I get cell phone reception at camp?

Students are expected to leave their cell phones at home.  For teachers and adult chaperones: cell reception is very spotty at camp.  Depending on your provider, you may be able to send and receive texts but will have difficulty making calls.  


Is there wireless internet at camp?

Wi-fi is available for teachers and adult chaperones in our dining hall and office.


What is the weather like at The Coastal Institute?

Weather in Cambria can be very unpredictable.  Some days are chilly and foggy, some are warm and sunny, and often we get both of those in one day!  Temperatures also drop into the 50s at night, so students should be prepared with clothes for warm weather, cold weather, rain, and everything in between.


Where can I read testimonials about The Coastal Institute/Camp Ocean Pines?

If you’d like to see what people are saying about Camp Ocean Pines, please check us out on Yelp or on Facebook.


Do you have questions about our outdoor education/science camp program that weren’t answered here?  Email the outdoor education director, Bill Thornton, at bill@coastalinstitute.org or give us a call at 805-924-4015.  We’re here to help!