Connecting, Exploring, and Team Building


Here at camp, we have 5+ team building games available. The most popular ones include Islands, Boxes of Hanoi, Grid, Whale Watch, and TP Shuffle. These team building activities were created for campers to foster creative thinking, teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation, inclusivity, and problem solving. Each member of a team functions to support the entire group, creating friendships and connection while working towards a common goal within each element of the team building exercise.

Pictured are a few of the activities that are available to students and campers at Camp Ocean Pines. Team building does not end here: we also offer campers the opportunity to try tomahawk throwing, archery, and field sports activities where team building skills are continually used through sharing, listening, and working together. If we teach students to work as a team, the skills involved can be transferred to any activity inside and outside of camp.

Dare to try our bungee grid maze, block stacking, or balance beam shuffle? You can find us connecting, exploring, and team building here at Camp Ocean Pines. Come join!

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